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Enough with Companies that Don’t Give a S***

I’m so sick of buying generic brands from companies that don’t give a shit, aren’t you? Don’t get me wrong - there was a time in my life where that’s exactly what I wanted. The price, the convenience, and not having to wait for an online order to come in the mail made it easy to not consider the harm the products I was using could cause. How can you say no to easy and affordable access when that’s exactly what you’re needing? See that’s the thing, though, that’s what we have to consider. Why do so many folks look for convenience and low prices? Because many work long hard hours, some while raising families, and most not making nearly enough money to consider what’s in our products from the big guys. The goal of the big guy is profit, not what’s best for you. This means using low cost harmful chemicals and luring you in with low prices and availability. With soaps and facial cleansers in particular, we use these products to clean ourselves.

However, what the big guys don’t tell us is how much harm these chemicals can truly do to our bodies. Let’s not forget that our skin is our largest organ! Just as it absorbs nutrients, it also absorbs harmful toxins. Absorbing such toxins can cause many issues such as allergies, increasing the risks of cancers, messing with our reproductive system and our hormones, etc. So it’s our job to take special care of our bodies and take the extra steps to understand what we expose ourselves to.

So what are these harmful chemicals to look out for? Now there is plenty of information and resources out there so I’ll just give an example of one.

Let’s talk about the sneakiest one. Fragrance! How could that lovely scent be hurting you? First thing to remember about this one is that companies are not required to disclose the breakdown of fragrance ingredients in their products to you. This could mean having hundreds of ingredients for just one scent. Hiding in fragrances, most of the time, are synthetic chemicals and toxins such as phthalates. We need to remember that our skin absorbs these chemicals and they go into our bloodstreams! Using products with such chemicals can pose health risks such as organ toxicity, hormonal disruption, asthma, allergies, and cancer. It’s easy to overlook the possibility of your scented body washes causing you harm, right? There was a time I never even considered that because I genuinely trusted that companies, big or small, would never offer products that could harm me long term. Luckily, we learn as we age and I quickly learned that big companies are absolutely not looking out for me.

Let’s be real. The conversation surrounding the chemicals used in big brand soaps can be a little overwhelming, that’s for sure. From parabens to sulfates, the information seems endless. We’ve all seen shampoos and cleansers that claim to be paraben free, however, we need to remember that that ingredient needs to be replaced by something else such as formaldehyde‐releasers which have an even higher rate of people developing allergic reactions to.

So why even bother? With Enough Soap, we prioritize using all natural ingredients that YOU can recognize. No sneaky chemicals, no synthetic ingredients, and no bullshit. Our main goal is to always provide our customers with products that feed the body nutrients and leave you clean without breaking the bank. Along with that, we want to encourage our customers to continue supporting small owned businesses run by people who genuinely care and want to serve humanity. Not take from it.