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About Us

Our Story

Howdy! My name is Stephani and I’m the creator of Enough Soap Co. Like many folks, I took the opportunity in 2020 to learn a new craft. At first I struggled with deciding what to learn but I knew I wanted to have a full range of creativity and I wanted to learn something that I could pass along to friends and family as gifts. What can I say, I love a good handmade gift. I thought about learning how to bake bread, make jams, craft rugs, sew clothes, they all passed through my mind. But to be quite honest, soap making never occurred to me until my partner suggested it. And, again, to be honest, I wasn’t sold at first. Soap making sounded difficult and time consuming. But wasn’t that exactly what I was looking for? So with a little convincing and the help from some awesome soapmakers on YouTube, I learned how to make cold process soap. And I had a blast. The more I practiced the more I enjoyed the process of pairing scents together, learning how to swirl and layer colors, and figuring out which recipes felt best on the skin. Confidence truly does come with practice, remember that. While I may still be in the early stages of being a soapmaker, I can confidently say that every bar is made with careful thought and the best intentions. But enough about me!

Our Mission

Yes, I admit I was hesitant to learn the craft at first. But as soon as I gained a bit of confidence I knew exactly the type of product I wanted to make. Our company mission is to not only provide beautiful handcrafted soaps but to commit to clean, vegan, and sustainably sourced ingredients that your skin will truly fall in love with while striving for low waste packaging. Just as these points are important in my personal day to day life, we wanted to make sure we extend them to our brand. We are dedicated to providing high quality soaps without all the unnecessary added chemicals and without breaking the bank all while kindly encouraging people to support small businesses and strive for a more sustainable lifestyle.