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Top 5 Favorite Additives

At Enough Soap Co. one of our main goals for our soaps is to nourish the skin. We prioritize using ingredients that add skin-loving nutrients in all of our soaps. When I first started making soap in 2020 I had a few questions I needed to answer. What did I want most for my company? To carry amazing smelling products, yes, but I wanted to make sure that our soaps were healing. I’ve been extremely drawn to using herbs and natural ingredients for quite a long time and what better way to use naturally healing ingredients than in my own soaps? 

Our cold process soaps of course start with a base of oils and butters that don’t strip the skin of its natural oils while also seeping into the skin to add or balance out moisture. There are so many different skin types and skin conditions out there. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, wounds, and dermatitis are just a few of the more common skin conditions that people live with on a daily basis. And then the typical dry skin or oily skin issues that we deal with. It’s all about knowing what your skin likes and doesn’t like. Some skin types are more sensitive and other skin types prefer more intense or abrasive products. I wanted to make sure that we offered a soap for everyone and the best way to nourish the skin is not with chemicals but with what our sweet planet provides for us. Here are our top 5 favorite additives that we use in our soaps!

1. Kaolin Clay Benefits:

Kaolin clay is one of the best clays to use in soaps and one of my personal favorites. We love it so much that you can find this ingredient in all of our soaps. Kaolinite is a clay mineral also known as China clay. This clay is commonly used in ceramics, skin care products, and more. Kaolin clay is one of the most gentle clays to use in skin care products while still being able to exfoliate the skin. Why we love it so much is because this special ingredient can help balance out oily skin but can also manage dry skin. It’s truly the best of both worlds! 

a bowl filled with white kaolin clay and a spoon


2. Sal Seed Butter Benefits:

Sal seed butter is a very special ingredient. Sal seed butter is derived from the Sal tree, originating in India. This butter is not the most commonly used ingredient. And while it’s not used in all of our soaps, it does star in our Funky Fresh Tea Tree bar. Sal seed butter prevents the skin from drying out while helping to soothe any itchy skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and rashes and can also help ease tension, aches, and pains.  Not only that, though, this additive contains anti-aging properties that help the skin restore its flexibility. This amazing ingredient will always be a favorite of mine. 

3. Ground Pumice Benefits:

Ground pumice is a wonderful ingredient to use as a reliable exfoliator. Pumice is a volcanic rock that is typically light enough to float in water. This ingredient is commonly used in soaps and body scrubs and for a good reason. It’s fine texture makes it the perfect exfoliator to use on stubborn dirty hands without being too aggressive. You can find ground pumice stone in our amazing Peppermint Basil bar. Because of the added ground pumice this soap is great for anyone who regularly gets their hands dirty such as gardeners, crafters, mechanics, cooks, etc. Our Peppermint Basil bar is also great to use on areas that are significantly more dry on the body such as elbows, knees, ankles, and heels. Using our soap will help shed a layer of dead skin and with regular use can soften and moisturize those areas significantly over time. That’s a winner in my book!

4. Burdock Root Benefits:

Burdock root is one of the best natural ingredients to use when it comes to amazing soap additives. Burdock root is a vegetable that is native to Northern Asia and Europe but is now also grown in the states. It has been used for thousands of years in food, medicine, and skin care products. This ingredient is so nutrient dense that I knew it needed to be used in some of our soaps. Burdock contains powerful antioxidants as well as essential minerals such as iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, zinc, and calcium. This list plus any added vitamins makes burdock a powerhouse ingredient. It contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties helping with tougher skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, or abscesses. If burdock root sounds like an ingredient you want to try out on your skin then our Orange Clove bars as well as our Funky Fresh Tea Tree bars are the perfect match for you. 

5. Nettle Leaf Benefits:

Nettle leaf comes from the stinging nettle plant. When this fresh plant comes in contact with the skin you will know why it is called the stinging nettle because it will, in fact, sting. Don’t be worried though! This will fade and not pose a long-term threat. So why do we use this ingredient if it stings?? Well, that’s because once the plant is processed that effect disappears. We use dried nettle leaf in our soaps for a few reasons. First, nettle leaf is packed full of minerals like iron, calcium, and zinc and vitamins like Vitamins C, A, D, and E. As most of us know, Vitamin C is a powerhouse when it comes to helping the skin appear brighter and tighter! But not only that. One of my favorite things about using nettle in our soaps is its ability to help detoxify the skin. It has incredible anti-inflammatory and healing properties making it an amazing plant to use in natural skin care products to help with various skin conditions. You can find nettle leaves used in our Funky Fresh Tea Tree bar!

picture of the stinging nettle plant in the wilderness

Overall, I’m so thrilled to have the ability to make soaps that will have incredible long term benefits due to using powerhouse natural ingredients that our skin is craving. Enough with the harsh chemicals already! Quench your skin's thirst for nutrients with our special hand-crafted soaps.