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Wash Away Your Worries with Lavender and Eucalyptus

Okay so I can imagine I don’t need to convince too many folks that Lavender and Eucalyptus are a match made in heaven. But for those of you who do need a little convincing I think I can get the job done. Keep reading to learn more about our Lavender Eucalyptus cold process soap!

product photo of our lavender eucalyptus bars

Before I talk about our incredible Lavender Eucalyptus bar, I do have a confession that I must admit. I’m a little nervous, are you ready?...I used to actually not really like lavender scented things all that much…I know! Lavender scented products in the past have always been a little overwhelming for my nose. I remember always scrunching my face every time I’d get a whiff of a lavender scented candle or soap. However, as the years have gone on, I’ve grown quite fond of anything lavender. In fact I have a lavender scented candle next to my bed as we speak! I’ve noticed that when lavender is paired with a balancing scent then it’s much easier on the ol’ sniffer. I knew lavender was a must-have scent when I decided to start selling handmade soaps. I knew I wanted to pair it with something bright and balanced and soon came the idea to try out a classic lavender and eucalyptus pairing. And boy is it a pair! I’m absolutely obsessed with our Lavender Eucalyptus bar. 

Lavender Oil Benefits:

As we all know Lavender is one of the most well-known and well-loved floral scents for millions of people. Its beautiful aroma is calming, relaxing, and can be as subtle or overpowering as you like. Lavender has an abundance of skin-nourishing and healing properties.

Lavender oil is extremely antiseptic which can help heal burns, sores, and wounds of all kinds. Lavender can also help relieve headaches along with relieving pain and inflammation from insect stings or bites. And we absolutely cannot discount the fact that Lavender can help reduce stress and anxiety tremendously in various ways. Bubble baths, oil diffusers, tea, candles, the list goes on. It’s a year round scent that is totally reliable. I know at the end of a long day that I can count on trusty lavender to bring me down gently and help me release any tension from the day. 

photo of wild growing lavender


Eucalyptus Oil Benefits:

Eucalyptus is a wonderful ingredient to use in soaps and body care products. Its fresh, crisp, and slightly minty scent is sure to make you feel like you’re spending a day at the spa. Eucalyptus oil is a great tool to use for stiff and sore muscles due to its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties as well as helping to fight off some bacterial skin infections. When I was looking for the perfect match for lavender, eucalyptus was always up there. Luckily lavender pairs well with many different scents which made it fun to experiment. In the end, though, I really couldn’t stray from that beautiful classic pairing.

photo of wild growing eucalyptus

Chamomile Powder Benefits

In true Enough Soap Co. fashion, the benefits don’t end there! Our Lavender Eucalyptus cold process soap bars are also made with chamomile powder. When I think of chamomile I think of my favorite tea that I end every night with. Yes, chamomile is an amazing well-loved tea, that's for sure. But it’s more than that! Chamomile powder is a powerful yet gentle ingredient that is packed with antioxidants making it helpful in reducing fine lines and restoring that happy glow that all of us have. Its ability to soothe skin redness while soothing sensitive skin has totally proved it to be a powerhouse ingredient.

Other Additives:

I can’t rave about our Lavender Eucalyptus bar without shining some light on the other ingredient that plays an important role in making this soap a must have. You guessed it, I just have to talk about our beloved additive - kaolin clay! You’ll find tons of information about kaolin clay throughout our website and blog posts. Kaolin clay, also known as China clay or white clay, is one of the most gentle clays you can use in skincare products. It’s gentle enough to be soft against the skin while secretly working away at the dead skin and balancing out skin moisture. Amazing, right?! 

Final Thoughts:

Our Lavender Eucalyptus bar is truly the best year round soap. It’s fresh, it’s calming, and it’s a cooling bar of soap is truly the perfect example of what our sweet mother earth can provide for us, proving that everything truly does have a purpose. Going back to the simplest and most reliable ways of healing is our goal. I hope that using this special handcrafted soap can not only add character to your home but can gently wash away any worries you may be carrying with the combination of lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, and chamomile powder!