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Scented Starter Bundle

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  • $15.00
  • $18.00


This bundle includes 1 scented soap of your choice, 1 soap tray, and 1 soap saver bag. 

- 4-5 oz. bar / Please note that every bar is hand cut and that weights may vary
- All ingredients used in our soaps are as clean as we are. You trust me, right?
- All of our soaps are vegan and cruelty free
- Our soaps are scented only with essential oils. We do not use any fragrance oils in our products.
- Every bar is handmade. While patterns may differ from what’s pictured, you can guarantee your soaps have been made by someone who truly cares. You did say you trust me..right?
- We strive for low waste packaging by using recycled or compostable materials for every order