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Unscented Starter Bundle

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Includes 1 soap tray, 1 soap saver bag, and 1 Unscented cold processed soap.

Not everyone wants or needs a smelly soap. Whether your nose is sensitive to the scents or your skin is sensitive to any additives, this soap is the best way to play it safe. No added colors and no scents. No BS. With kaolin clay as the only additive, this soap is gentle and free of anything that might irritate the skin.

- 4-5 oz. bar / Please note that every bar is hand cut and that weights may vary
- All ingredients used in our soaps are as clean as we are. You trust me, right?
- All of our soaps are vegan and cruelty free
- No artificial fragrances are used in any of our products
- Every bar is handmade. While patterns may differ from what’s pictured, you can guarantee your soaps have been made by someone who truly cares. You did say you trust me..right?
- We strive for low waste packaging by using recycled or compostable materials for every order

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