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Peppermint Basil - A Match Made in Heaven’s true. You simply cannot go wrong with peppermint. It’s a well-loved bright scent that is totally versatile. I have met very few folks (if any) who do not like peppermint in some way, shape, or form. If it’s not paired with warm sweet scents for the Fall and Winter time then it can be paired with brighter and more invigorating scents that are perfect for Spring and Summer. It truly is a year round scent! And we love that. Want to learn more about the benefits of our Peppermint Basil bar? Keep reading!

my hand holding our peppermint basil bar wet with bubbles

Peppermint Oil Benefits:

Peppermint has so many great benefits and is greatly loved by most. When we think of peppermint we often just think about its beautiful aroma and taste. But what people may not know much about are the skin benefits that peppermint can offer. Peppermint oil not only soothes irritation and itchiness of the skin but it also promotes wound healing. This essential oil can even act as a natural remedy to soothe those pesky unwanted bug bites. And trust me, as someone who is apparently considered a delicacy for mosquitoes, I can confirm that peppermint oil is a great soothing oil for bug bites.

Not only does peppermint have great skin-nourishing properties but the scent is really something special. Peppermint can help ease headaches. And as someone who has also suffered from strong headaches and migraines throughout my life, I can confidently confirm that peppermint is one of the best natural remedies to soothe the pain. If there’s any time that my head is aching throughout the day - I immediately shower using our Peppermint Basil bar to help ease that pain. 

photo of fresh growing peppermint

Sweet Basil Oil Benefits:

Don’t be fooled! Peppermint oil doesn’t work alone in our cold process soap. We have paired peppermint essential oil with basil essential oil in our Peppermint Basil bar. Basil essential oil is not only also considered a cooling scent but a nice earthy scent that adds equally great anti-inflammatory properties to help fight off acne. Sweet basil also has a special quality about it. This essential oil is very rich in Vitamin C which helps boost skin cell metabolism and can help the skin have a brighter complexion overall. How cool is that?! And not only that but basil is also considered an amazing natural aid in clearing out clogged pores. Peppermint and basil are truly a match made in heaven if you ask me!

photo of fresh growing basil outside

Pumice Ground Benefits:

Oh, you thought it stopped there!? Oh, no, my friend, it doesn’t stop there! Our Peppermint Basil soap also contains ground pumice. What is this, you ask? Well let me tell you! Pumice is a volcanic rock that is typically light enough to float in water. This ingredient is commonly used in soaps and body scrubs and for a good reason! Ground pumice is the perfect exfoliator when it comes to stubborn dirt or grease that doesn’t want to easily wash away. It's fine enough allowing the scrub to not be overly scratchy or harsh against the skin making our Peppermint Basil bar the perfect soap to gently but effectively remove dirt, grease, paint, or anything else that might be stubborn and finicky. Using pumice in our P.B. soap bar makes it a wonderful option for crafters, gardeners, mechanics, or anyone who gets their hands dirty on a daily basis. Our soap base is strong enough to cut through grease and still leave your hands and body feeling soft, moisturized, and smelling fresh. This bar is also great to use on areas that are significantly more dry on the body such as elbows, knees, ankles, heels, and, of course, dry hands. Using our Peppermint Basil bar will help shed layers of dead skin while working to restore moisture to those tough areas. With regular use you can soften and moisturize those dry spots significantly over time. 

Other Additives:

Now that we’ve covered peppermint, basil, and ground pumice as the stars of the show, I’d like to give some love to the other ingredients in this soap that make it just right. Like all of Enough Soap Co. soaps, this bar is made with kaolin clay. Kaolin clay is such a lovely clay to work with when it comes to soap-making. It’s extremely gentle on the skin yet still works to exfoliate unwanted dead skin. Along with kaolin clay we also make sure to use dried peppermint in our Peppermint Basil bar. How could we not?! It's the perfect herb to add texture and even more peppermint benefits.

Final Thoughts:

Our Peppermint Basil bar is perfect year round whether its gardening season or even holiday season (great gift for the holidays!) I use this soap regularly anytime I need to scrub the day away. Do not pass up on this bestseller! - We all need a good scrubbin’ sometimes!