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Prolong the Life of Your Soap Saver Bag!

I am so happy to be able to offer soap saver bags in our store. Seriously! Not every soap is meant to sit by the sink to look pretty (although we do love those). Our soaps are made to be functional for the body and face meaning it’s not always ideal to leave it sitting out bare. Soap saver bags are the perfect solution serving as a wash cloth that can hold your soap inside. They lather with the soaps so nicely and give great exfoliation. 

product photo of our cream colored soap saver  bags

I must admit, though, that without proper care they may not last as long as they are capable of. Part of our goal at Enough Soap Co. is to offer items that can be considered more sustainable options. Our soap saver bags are a great replacement for generally used loofahs made from nylon. In the name of sustainability we do encourage that you use what you have until it can no longer serve you any purpose. Growing up it was normal to just go buy a new loofah when the last one started to grow bacteria or smell a little funky. Don’t get me wrong, our soap saver bags should not be considered a set-it-and-forget-it type of product. With the right care, these bags can last significantly longer than the alternative. We want to make sure that you get as much use out of a product that you possibly can. Here’s what I do to prolong the life of my soap saver bag!

Hang Dry:

Our soap saver bags are equipped with a drawstring allowing it to be hung in the shower after usage. Soap scum is what we want to avoid here. We all know that goopy, sticky mess is not only an eyesore but doesn’t allow you to get the most out of your product. It can become a habit letting the soap scum build up before washing it away every few weeks. Instead of setting it on a surface that will allow soap scum to build, letting it air dry is the best way to make sure there’s as little soap scum to work with in the end. 


And here, the absolute best way I’ve found to help our soap savers last as long as possible is with regular washing. Yes, soap scum will always be present even when letting them air dry so what I like to do is wash my soap saver bag after every bar of soap I go through. Once I’ve gotten as much use out of a bar of soap I turn the bag inside out and I wash it on a gentle cycle or hand-washing works just as well. When I do this my soap saver bag always looks as good as new! Being consistent is the key. 

Final Thoughts:

We all grow up learning that if we want our things to last as long as they possibly can then we need to take good consistent care of them. Whether it’s gadgets, clothes, books, you name it. As long as we handle our things with love, care, and respect we can help them last as long as possible which is one of our main goals here overall. Sustainability doesn’t just mean changing what you purchase but making what you do have last.