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Make Washing Up More Enjoyable

Hygiene is such an important act of self love. There’s nothing quite like washing away the built up dirt and worries after a long hard day. Our handmade cold process soaps are crafted with this in mind. We want our soaps to not only smell amazing but benefit the skin at the end of the day using natural ingredients to soothe the skin. Our ultimate goal is to make washing up as uplifting and comfortable as possible. 

Enough Soap Co. soaps are all made aiming for 5oz. per bar. While this is the perfect size for most, I do understand that they may be more difficult or uncomfortable to handle for some. Here are a few tips that I’ve incorporated into my daily soap use.


One of my favorite ways to use our soaps includes a bit of altering. Just chop up your soap into smaller cubes and use those soap cubes in one of our soap saver bags! Breaking the soap down into smaller pieces gives a more intense lather and is a tad more gentle than starting out with the whole 5oz. bar. I’ve noticed this works really well with our Soap End Samplers as well! 

product photo of our soap ends sampler


Some soaps may be a little harsh during the first few uses due to our straight soap edges. While we do our best to soften the edges I understand that some may remain a little rough. However, I’ve noticed that swirling the soap between the hands daily will quickly soften those sharper edges making for a more comfortable soap. It only takes me a few washes to smooth those edges out.

my hand holding our peppermint basil bar wet and bubbly

All in all we want to make sure that washing up is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible!