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Wonderfully Woodsy with Cedarwood and Lemon

One of my favorite smells in the entire world is simply the smell of the woods. Growing up in the desert I always found myself craving the forest. Going camping every year in the mountains was my happy place hands down. Because of this I knew I wanted to include Cedarwood in one of our year round scents because it truly is a year round winner! 

Cedarwood Oil Benefits:

Cedarwood essential oil surprisingly does contain lots of skin-nourishing and healing benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial. Cedarwood has wonderful wound-healing properties making it a great soap to use if you have any scrapes or cuts. This essential oil really is an essential in my house! Cedarwood has personally helped with acne, irritations, and even redness all while soothing away any of my stresses with its beautiful familiar scent. 

Lemon Oil Benefits:

I am so thrilled with this pairing. I knew I didn’t want our cedar-wood soap to be overpowering with the woodsy scent. Sure, I know lots of people who are more than happy to have straight up cedarwood soap bars but something was drawing me toward finding a way to balance the scent out. Lemon is that perfect oil to give it balance. Cedarwood and lemon are a pair that may be underestimated but really come together to steal the show. 

Lemon essential oil is a great oil that will kill harmful bacteria on the skin and can also brighten the skin. Because lemon essential oil can sometimes be harsh on sensitive skin, we only add enough to balance out the scent in our cold process soap. A great way to test how your skin reacts to any of our year round soaps is to try out our Soap Ends Sampler. No one wants to order something full size and end up not being able to use it in the end! 

Final Thoughts:

Our Cedarwood Lemon soap bars are terrific year round soaps for anyone who loves the smell of the outdoors. If that’s your happy place then this is the perfect soap for you!